May 5th 2018

I Love my Park Day on the Quaker side. This Friends-hosted event has had record numbers of volunteers for this state-wide event! Come join us and save the date. Details on our FB page as the event draws nearer.

     Fire & Stone Tower Tours

Hosted Saturdays and Sundays

by the Friends of ASP & ASPHS through mid October 2017. 


"Together we can make a difference."

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Our Mission Statement...

The Friends of Allegany State Park is a non profit organization whose mission is to work with the state of New York to promote, preserve, and maintain Allegany State Park. The park has been enjoyed by people of all ages for almost 100 years.

The Friends pursue this mission by serving as ambassadors and advocates for the park and the wider community. This is accomplished by recruiting friends and volunteers and by developing corporate and community partners. The Friends strive to network with the talent, knowledge, and enthusiasm that is needed to keep the park relevant and vital. The Friends will strive to preserve, maintain, and interpret the historic character and natural beauty of the park.

This website was supported in part by a grant from Parks & Trails New York.

                  September 30, 2017

National Public Lands Day Quaker Side

Help us help our park! Please check our 

Facebook Page as event time draws 



Recent Friends of Allegany Projects!

                 Jan 1, 2018

Come join the Friends for a delicious chili lunch at the park-hosted First Day Hike. See our Facebook page for details as the event time drawers nearer!


Friends of Allegany State Park


Great News-the 2017 Save the Red House Saw Mill fund raiser raffle is in full swing Saturday May 20th 2017. Take a chance on a three night stay at a Bova December 1,2 & 3 2017 courtesy of Allegany Partners, the developers of the Bova & Parallel Cottages in the park. Second prize is a beautiful hand-knitted afghan donated by park employee Niki Lynn Rosell, and third prize is a beautiful watercolor print of the Red House Administration Building by Artist Debbie Olin. Tickets are available at the Red House Gift Shop and Quaker General Store and are $5 each or 5 for $20. Thank you J-Con Parks, the park concessionaire for your co-sponsorship of this worthy cause!

The 2017 I Love my Park Day event hosted by the Friends of Allegany had a record breaking 235 volunteers. Thanks on behalf of the Friends & ASP for making this a great day for the park!